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About us

About us

In India, every state has its own unique culture, their own designs, colours, materials in use and individual shapes and patterns which is manifested in the art and crafts of that particular region. Indian art and crafts are known throughout the world for their artistic work and grandeur. The vast cultural tradition and ethnic diversity, has enabled a variety of crafts with different materials, motifs and techniques to flourish in this land.

Chasing Sun

An online platform to help the artists and artisans in India to chase their own sun. The intent of us starting this site is twofold one, help the new and upcoming artist with a platform to showcase their talents to the larger audience at zero cost, secondly, to ensure that the monetary gains go directly back to the artist.

Why Chasing Sun?

The high cost for the artists in doing multiple shows to get recognized. Lot of geo-specific, ethnic art and craft being lost due to lack of knowledge and audience. A lot of the artisans practicing these crafts are in penury with the newer generation unwilling to follow traditions due to the lack of adequate monetary returns.

What is Chasing Sun?

  • An online platform for the individual artists (or groups) to come and display they creativity
  • The platform provides the artists the right to sell their ware
  • No cost to the artists who want to sign up for display
  • These can be
    • paintings
    • sculptures
    • art on cloth, glass and other mediums
    • ethnic Indian art and crafts
    • any other art on any medium

.in short, an online market place for the artisans.